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Setting up Facebook and Instagram ads with effective targeted campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads work similarly to any other paid ads.

The Benefits

For both you as the advertiser and your prospects.

Facebook Ads have a few important benefits for both you as the advertiser and your prospects. When asking a prospect for personal information, it’s important to remove as many barriers as possible. Facebook Lead Ads helps you meet your audience where they are.

Here are a few benefits to using Facebook Ads:

Native Functionality. With Lead Ads, users can submit their information through an auto-filled form without ever leaving the platform. You avoid disrupting the user experience by keeping your lead on Facebook instead of switching from the platform to your website and back again.

Mobile Responsiveness. Facebook Lead Ads are particularly beneficial for mobile. The app is already set up for mobile users, so you can rest assured that your ads will be, too. That means that no matter on which device your potential leads are seeing ads, they will be able to complete your form without any issues.

Simple Data Collection. Lead Ads are also beneficial for the advertiser because they capture potential customers’ information without having to create a new landing page or conversion path. Everything you need to obtain a new lead is in the platform, and that data can easily integrate with your CRM.

Highly Targeted Segments. Facebook Lead Ads allows for highly targeted segmentation, like interests, demographics, and more. This means that the leads you acquire from your Facebook ads are already highly qualified for your product or service.

Examples of Ads

What does a good Facebook ad look like?


What to Do With Your Leads?

We’ve covered how to obtain leads through Facebook Ads, but what do you do with the information you received? Do you immediately initiate a follow-up call? Download a .csv file and analyze your data? So many options!

The short answer — deliver what was promised, then nurture your leads. You can think of it as a courtship where you delight your lead into a closed sale. That is, you follow up with relevant information, ask for feedback, answer their questions and engage them until they decide that you’re the best option to solve their problem.

This is all part of your marketing flywheel, where the more value you provide, the more trust you develop with your new lead, and the more likely they are willing to buy from you and recommend you to others.

But how?

You need a place to store your new leads and a system that makes it easy to follow up with them. While it would be great to email each new lead individually, that becomes a problem with a successful Lead Ads campaign where you generate hundreds or even thousands of leads.